Alston Investments Limited

Alston Investments Limited was formed in 2014 through the demerger of various companies previously owned by Parkwood Holdings Limited (formerly Parkwood Holdings plc).

Alston Invesments Limited (part of the Parkwood Group of companies) is the new holding company for Glendale, Glendale Golf, Glendale Horticulture, Parkwood Healthcare and Parkwood Consultancy Services. 

Also within the Parkwood Group of companies is Parkwood Leisure Holdings Limited. This company owns Parkwood Holdings Limited which in turn owns Parkwood Leisure and Parkwood Project Management. 

The two Groups will continue to work closely together under the Parkwood umbrella but the new structure is designed to give greater clarity and definition to Parkwood's operating companies. 

The websites of Alston Investments Limited's subsidiaries can be accessed through the links below:-